Statement of Animal Use and Financial Disclosure

Thank you for your abstract submission to the ACVR 2018 Annual Scientific Conference Proceedings. In the event your abstract is accepted, we hereby request permission to include your abstract in the ACVR 2018 Annual Scientific Conference Proceedings. Your abstract may appear in any or all of the following formats: print publication, CD-ROM, and on the American College of Veterinary Radiology Internet website and the secure, members-only Veterinary Information Network site

We request perpetual rights to use the work you submit in the formats listed above. The copyright and right to reuse the content (including artwork) remains with you. This permission includes all artwork submitted for scanning and all digital artwork, either sent separately or embedded in the digital file of the manuscript or any other digital file. If I am a resident and chosen to present during the oral or poster competition, I grant permission to ACVR to video record my presentation. In addition, you are releasing the abstract for publication in Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound after the ACVR annual conference (Scientific Presentations and Scientific Exhibits only). 

We require the signature of the copyright holder to the work, including the artwork (such as illustrations, photos, etc.). For the abstract, the signatures of each author is mandatory. If the copyright has been signed over to another party such as a publisher, we need their signature as well. For any artwork submitted with the paper, if the copyright is not held by any of the authors of the paper, please submit a list of this artwork to and include the signature of the person or persons who do hold copyright to it. 

Please electronically sign below to indicate your agreement to our use of this material as specified in this form. 

I hereby grant permission for use of this material as specified above.